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At Veritas Inspections we only use the most competent people when undertaking inspections and assessments. Our professionals are trained and experienced in their field and can be relied on to remain discreet and professional at all times when operating within working environments.

Each Passive Fire Protection inspection is undertaken and measured against industry standards with knowledge of the Building Regulations, Manufacturer’s Installation Specifications and Fire Test Evidence.


We are able to inspect ongoing works or completed works for compliance. In both cases we can carry out visual and/or destructive tests of the installed fire stopping systems to establish if they are compliant.

The fire risk assessment (FRA) document when completed in accordance with all recommendations, serves as a record of the Significant Findings of a Fire Risk Assessment as required by the RR(FS)O.

Following the FRA ( whether completed by Veritas or the incumbent consultant), which may only highlight examples of defects in the fire compartmentation – a detailed inspection of the fire related walls, floors and doors on site will still be required.

Often the Landlord/Management Company/FM provider will have full inspection records, maintenance and test schedules for the active fire safety equipment on site for example fire / smoke alarms, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and hose reels etc. However in the case of Passive Fire Protection this information is often omitted.

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